Our tax system is unfair and it has taken a toll on schools, critical services, and working families in Oregon. The statistics and charts below show how decades of disinvestment is playing out across our tax system and in our classrooms.

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Oregon Class Sizes vs. National Average

Classrooms in Oregon are among the most overcrowded in the country (currently the sixth largest student-to-teacher ratio). Source: NEA Annual Rankings and Estimates

Oregon’s graduation rate ranks 3rd lowest

Oregon has the 3rd lowest graduation rate in the nation, at 75%. The average graduation rate in the United States is 84%. Source: National Center for Education Statistics (Not all states reflected in this chart)

Graduation rates for students of color and low-income students lag behind white students and the national average

Graduation rates are affected by racial and economic opportunity gaps. Source: Oregon Department of Education

Nearly 1/3 of Oregon’s low-income students do not graduate on time

Nearly one-third of low-income students do not graduate high school within four years, if at all. Source: Oregon Department of Education

How does Oregon rank compared to the other 49 states?



Oregon ranks 44th in K–12 achievement according to Education Week’s annual report Quality Counts 2018.




Oregon classrooms are among the most overcrowded in the nation. Our students deserve adequate funding.




Decades of disinvestment in Oregon public schools have left our graduation rate among the lowest in the country.


From kindergarten to 12th grade, Oregon students receive a full year less instruction than the national average.

Source: Review of instructional time data across the country