Don’t let special interests take away $2 billion in school funding


Special interests have filed an attempt to send the Student Success Act to the ballot, jeopardizing a historic $2 billion investment in Oregon students. These dedicated investments mean smaller class sizes, more mental health resources, restored art, music, PE, and career training classes, and increased access to early education programs. The Student Success Act also delivers hundreds of millions in personal income tax relief for families across the state.

The Student Success Act is a giant step forward for Oregon students and their families. But special interest groups are seeking to send our schools back into a cycle of cuts and layoffs. These special interests don’t speak for Oregon families, the dozens of Oregon businesses that support the Student Success Act, or the students whose education is on the line.

We need you with us to fend off these attacks. It took a broad, diverse, and relentless coalition to deliver this major for victory for Oregon students, and we can't back down now. Together, we will fight to protect this game-changing investment in our students. Add your name today to defend the Student Success Act. Oregon kids are counting on us. 

Our Oregon