Special interests gathering signatures to send Student Success Act to the ballot

Already, the Student Success Act is creating hope and opportunity in communities across the state. A school district official in Gresham-Barlow — where they are making plans to reduce class sizes and add back learning time — summed it up in a recent news article: "It fundamentally changes the conversation … This time of the year used to be about what we can cut."

The $2 billion Student Success Act will make a direct and dramatic impact on the lives of all Oregon students. From Coos Bay to Ontario to Woodburn to Gresham, Oregon schools will finally have the resources they need to deliver a quality education: More mental health counselors, smaller class sizes, restored vocational training, art, music, and PE, and greater access to early education.

But school funding opponents are already trying to take away this historic investment. A small group of moneyed special interests — a handful of logging companies and a battery company tied to dark money group Priority Oregon — just got a $1 million check. They are already out on the streets collecting signatures to send the Student Success Act to the ballot.

We can’t let them take away a better future for Oregon students. That’s where you come in: If you see circulators collecting signatures for Referendum 301 or any other initiative petition, make a report — it’s easy to do, and it will give us information we need to help protect Oregon students and families. With your help, we can ensure Oregon students get the education they deserve.

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