Oregon House passes the Student Success Act


On Wednesday, the Oregon House of Representatives passed the landmark Student Success Act and sent it to the Senate floor for a vote. This is truly history in the making, moving us closer than ever before to finally investing in Oregon students. The Student Success Act is transformative, supporting smaller class sizes, increased access to early education and culturally specific programming, more art, music, PE, and career training opportunities, and added mental health resources.


Legislators spent hours sharing why investing in Oregon students is so important to them on Wednesday.  Representative Barbara Smith Warner said the Student Success Act is a “chance to right the wrongs of decades of disinvestment.” Representative Diego Hernandez, whose nephew attends Reynolds Elementary, called the bill a “pathway for students like my nephew to have an equal opportunity to succeed in our education system.” Representative Rob Nosse heralded the Student Success Act as an opportunity “to do the things we need to to get our schools back on track.”

Next up: The Student Success Act heads to the Senate floor for a vote.

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