Oregon Senate Republicans go into hiding to avoid a vote


This is a new low. Oregon Senate Republicans are holding up a vote on $2 billion in new funding for our students by literally hiding from their responsibilities — there are reports that almost all have left the capitol and some even appear to have left the state. 

These delay tactics are shameful and nothing more than a last-ditch effort to halt any progress for Oregon students by denying the democratic process. Legislators are not elected to abandon their constituents and hide from the capitol, they’re elected to serve their constituents.

You know what’s on the line: Smaller class sizes, more mental health resources, art, music, PE, and career training, and funding for culturally specific programs. The Oregon House passed the Student Success Act last week, and the Senate was supposed to vote on this transformative bill today. Instead, Senate Republicans have left the building or are hiding.

This is not right. We need your help: Email Senate Republicans today and tell them to stop hiding and start serving their constituents. Urge them to get back to Salem today and vote on the Student Success Act! With your help, we can put an end to these shameful delay tactics and finally make history for Oregon students!

Our Oregon