K-12 budget fails Oregon students.


Last week, the legislature's budget committee released a proposed k-12 education budget that would be devastating for Oregon students. It's a cuts budget that would mean laying off 900 teachers or removing 4 days from the school year. 

Oregon simply can't afford more cuts. Already, Oregon classrooms are among the most crowded in the nation, our graduation rates are among the lowest, and our mental health resources and vital programs such as vocational training, physical education, arts, language, and music have been significantly reduced. This pattern isn't new — Oregon has been asking students and educators to do even more with even less for decades now. These cuts have disproportionately hurt black students, brown students, indigenous students, LGBTQ+ students, low-income students, and students with disabilities. And yesterday's proposed budget would only deepen those inequities. 

We can't continue this way. Oregon is more reliant on personal income taxes than almost any other state in the country — which means Oregon families are picking up the tab for funding our services while corporate income taxes have been on the decline. The solution is clear: It's time to change that by asking a little more of corporations so we can finally fund game-changing investments in Oregon classrooms. 

If one thing became clear yesterday, it's that we can't make those investments a reality without your help. Legislators need to hear from their constituents that we are calling for more funding for Oregon students, not more cuts. That means they need to hear from you. This month, legislators will be holding town halls in their districts and the Ways and Means, which is committee charged with proposing the budget, will be visiting communities across the state. It's vital that they hear from constituents like you at every stop. 

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