This is our year! Commit to new revenue in 2019.


It’s a new year, and it’s time to finally fix a decades-old problem: Inadequate funding for Oregon students and family services. Oregonians across the state echoed that call in 2018, voting for policies and leaders that promise hope and opportunity for all families. With an unequivocal mandate from voters, the next step is to deliver a policy that invests in our schools.

You’ve heard the numbers before: In Oregon, our classrooms are consistently among the most crowded. We have too few counselors to support students’ mental health, fewer career and technical education courses than 20 years ago, and a school year that’s far shorter than in most other states. This disinvestment hurts all students, and it disproportionately hurts students of color and those from less economically advantaged backgrounds. It’s time for change.

With the legislative session upon us, our opportunity is now. Editorial boards, elected officials, and families across the state all agree that this is the year we can and must deliver a solution for Oregon students. We need your help to make sure we win game-changing investments in our classrooms: Read more about the work ahead and take the pledge to speak out for our schools and services today.

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