Gov. Brown releases budget targeting big improvements in education


This week, Gov. Brown released a proposed budget that calls for major investments in Oregon schools. Among her top priorities: Lowering Oregon’s class sizes — among the largest in the nation — and extending our relatively short school year. More from OPB below:

Gov. Kate Brown unveiled a $23.6 billion budget proposal Wednesday that plugs holes in state health funding, seeks to gain ground in an ongoing housing crisis, expands access to voting and sets aside millions for challenging the policies of President Donald Trump.

Making the case that this is Oregon’s ‘best chance in a generation to address persistent, structural changes,’ Brown’s proposed spending plan also includes a $2 billion challenge to state legislators, listing a host of improvements she’d like to see in the state’s flagging education system — if lawmakers can agree on a way to fund them.

You can read more over at OPB.

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