Invest in Oregon’s Future,

Invest in Oregon.

The Invest in Oregon movement is working to promote investment in Oregon schools and services. We believe that everyone should thrive in our economy — especially historically-oppressed Oregonians who have been impacted the most by decades of underfunding.


Our Mission

For decades now, Oregon has been disinvesting in our schools and critical services. Our tax system is not fair, leaving working families to pick up the tab for Oregon’s schools and services while out-of-state corporations pay some of the lowest taxes in the nation. Without the resources that they need, Oregon students face some of the largest class sizes in the country and graduate at some of the lowest rates. This crisis in our classrooms has disproportionately hurt students of color and and students from low-income families. It’s time to fix this. At Invest in Oregon, we are advocating to make our tax system more fair and to finally invest in Oregon students and families.

What can we do to make Oregon’s economy fairer?


It’s time to invest in Oregon

Over a generation of disinvestment has left Oregon’s classrooms among the most crowded in the country. Only three other states have lower graduation rates. Oregon schools are overwhelmed and underfunded, and the effects show in our state rankings. It’s time to invest in our schools and services. It’s time to invest in Oregon.



k–12 Achievement Ranking

Oregon ranks 44th in K–12 achievement according to Education Week’s annual report Quality Counts 2018.



of 50 in class sizeS

Oregon classrooms are among the most overcrowded in the nation. Our students deserve adequate funding.



of 50 in graduation rates

Decades of disinvestment in Oregon public schools have left our graduation rate among the lowest in the country.


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January 2019

It is long past time to address the problem of a broken revenue system. Oregonians deserve a world class education. We can have that, but not without dramatically increased resources.

The Oregonian / Opinion: Oregon’s generational failure of underfunding schools must end